Electronics engineering, product design and turnkey development

Using technology to turn concepts into commercialised products

Camdata is an electronics product design and turnkey development company based in Cambridge, UK. We create innovative solutions that integrate communications, hardware and operating software requirements to solve a range of its customers' electronics engineering challenges. The Camdata team has applied its unique range of communications and electronics expertise to 2900+ projects over the last 30 years in critical application areas including sensing, monitoring, micro-processing  and control, embedded software, RFID, device management and operating process interfaces.

In some projects, these are with Camdata working alongside the client’s team, but in most cases, the arrangement is on a fixed price quotation basis. Our services involve any or all of the following:

  1. Concept study and design brief
  2. Functional specification
  3. Hardware design
  4. Mechanical design
  1. Firmware/software design
  2. Prototype and small run manufacture
  3. Production engineering
  4. Volume production
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Camdata works across multiple technologies, particular skills include:

         Radio Frequency (from 100KHz to 3GHz), especially 457kHz, 433MHz, 868MHz, 2.4GHz

         Long life low power battery designs

         RFID - at various standards (and custom frequencies)

         Touch screen and capacitive switch keyboards

         Sensors – proximity, ranging, accelerometers, PIR, temperature

         Wearable tech

         Mobile phone SMS

         GPS technology

         RF and wired protocols

         Magnetic card and barcode readers

         Video processing, recording and transmission

         Microcontrollers (especially xx51 and PIC cores)

         Environmental protection – IP-rated, shock, vibration, temperature

         Custom and standard metal and plastic enclosures

Camdata Limited, 23 Royston Road, Harston, Cambridge, CB22 7NH

Tel: +44 (0)845 064 5555

Email: contactus@camdata.co.uk
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