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Coin and Note Reconciliation Cash Drawer

Camdata was approached by a well-financed start-up to design a communications interface for an innovative cash drawer that they had designed.

In all cash drawers, there are separate compartments for each denomination of coin and note.  However the novelty is that each compartment is independent and has an integral load sensor which provides a weight and hence a quantity/value in that compartment.  The cash drawer, in real-time, electronically captures all cash movement at the till. This is automatically completed without increasing transaction time or interrupting the normal running of the EPOS system.  The associated software stores all cash transaction data; managers and supervisors can then retrieve this via reports or specific enquiries for analysis. Cash management on thInnovative Cash Drawere shop floor can then be conducted instantly and without the administrative processes, saving cash office labour, reducing the risk of operator and customer cash theft and providing real time reports.

Camdata was commissioned to interface the cash drawer electronics to a specific IBM EPOS till protocol.  This involved acting as a slave on the 180,000 bits per second synchronous multi-drop bus and bi-directionally interfacing that to an asynchronous TTL connection to the cash drawer hardware.  There were both size and cost restraints, and so the board was designed to be fully surface mount technology, including the connectors.  Trials were performed at several ASDA sites and Camdata then provided several hundred production items.  Our customer was bought by a much larger cash drawer manufacturer and the product is still in use. 

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