Government agency

Camdata provided a quantity of intelligent serial communications cards with custom embedded software to allow high speed decryption of data. 

We wrote the software to the customer’s specification and performed on-site testing at their secure site.

Intelligent Serial Communication cards


Rugged Touch Screen for Prisons


As part of the technology systems in a new prison, Camdata was asked to provide 20 very rugged touch screen screens.  The system is being used by prisoners to order provisions from the prison shop and to book visits from family and friends. 

A one inch thick toughened glass Surface Acoustic Wave touch screen was used protecting high temperature range 19” CRT monitors in a fully sealed mild steel enclosure.  This is mounted on a pedestal with all cabling being led down the pedestal and through the floor.  The prisoners have no access to any item of the device.

Police forces

Both the Washington State Police and the Brussels Police have used Microscribe handheld computers in their vehicles.


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