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Rogged Computer for Pirelli

Pirelli commissioned Camdata to manufacture Camdata/188 rugged computers with a 80 character by 25 line screen, custom membrane keyboard, infrared bar code swipe reader and custom mounting arrangement. 

In addition, Camdata provided a Tandem (manufacturer of fault tolerant computers) 653X terminal emulator, so that the /188s were compatible with the office terminals.  The use was on the shop floor directly attached to the tyre pressing machines, where the enviroment is very poor – high temperatures and conductive carbon dust.

World leading industrial ink jet printers

Camdata’s customer were the first manufacturer of industrial ink jet printers used in product labelling and fast changing data printing (such as batch codes, sell by dates and customer addresses).   This is the Domino Jet Array printer.

Camdata MSLC cards were used for their multi-printer Codenet networking system and the company has  used Microscribe 400/4000 terminals for many years as the sole MMI for one of their product lines.  The case is made of Noryl – a trademarked plastic material which is resistant to the ink solvents.

Code Networking System


Ink Jet Printer


Tunnel Boring

This company designs and manufactures equipment to guide tunnel boring machines.  The Microscribe 600 (and later 900) was chosen as a very rugged, compact computer used as a man machine interface on their control systems


As part of an upgrade to a parcel sorting system in Liverpool, Camdata designed and manufactured a large batch of rugged terminals comprising a single line VFD display and 34 industrial switches, which may be re-legended. 

The prime requirement was for the terminals to be extremely rugged as they are used around the clock for routing parcels between 30 postcode areas.


Parcelforce rugged terminal

Pilkington Glass

Pilkington Glass

Camdata manufactured a set of rugged terminals for use on the photo-chromatic lens glass production line at Pilkington’s factory in North Wales.  These were in use for over 15 years.


Staubli, a Swiss manufacturer of textile looms implemented their software on Microscribe 600 computers to control the patterns and monitor the performance.  More than one thousand 600s were sold throughout the world.  Spintex from India also use a similar Microscribe product.

Microscribe 600 Computer