British Aerospace

Royal Ordnance, a division of British Aerospace commissioned Camdata to produce a custom version of the Microscribe 5000, with the following features:

  • Incorporation of a PC/104 stack with an specialised A/D card and an oscilloscope card
  • Incorporation of RO specific electronics
  • A custom membrane overlay
  • Connectors for the extra I/O

Used as a ROVIS sub-system in maintenance of the battlefield voice/data communications system, the product range is now owned by Chelton Defence (part of Cobham plc).



Royal Ordnance Microscribe 5000

Military power supply manufacturer

Military Power Supply


Camdata was commissioned to design and manufacture a small volume of power supply test sets

Simulation/training system supplier

Camdata was asked to provide custom input devices for several projects, where the system being emulated had a specialised input device which needed to be copied so that the trainees would be using essentially similar technology. 

Illustrated is a keyboard used on a training system for the Navy, showing both the original 80s and newer 90s versions


Simulation System 2

Simulation system supplies


Programming route of drone

Microscribe designed and manufactured large quantities of a system used by several armies around the world to do ballistic calculations for mortar range finding.

These photos show programming the route of a drone and a 17 ton Armoured Personnel carrier preparing to drive over a Microscribe at the Royal School of Artillery in Wiltshire.

Armoured Personnel Carrier driving over Microscribe Terminal


Camdata designed and manufactured versions of keyboards for frigates, both active and passive. In association with Ferranti.

keyboards for frigates 2

keyboards for frigates 1

Arabic computers

ballistic calculator in Arabic

A version of the ballistic calculator was produced for an army in the Middle East, where the legending and display characters are in Arabic.

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