Food/drink (manufacture)

Drink orientation system for Metal Box

A division of Metal Box commissioned Camdata to design an operator interface for a machine that rotates drinks containers bottles at high speed whilst on the filling line. 

The reason was that the cans/bottles would then be packaged on a pallet with an item such as the logo or a competition advertisement facing towards the consumer.

Drink orientation system


Over more than a decade, Camdata has supplied rugged stainless steel terminals and computers into abattoirs throughout the UK and Eire.  The images show one in operation connected to a bar code reader, a label printer and a weigh scale. 

Terminals and computers for abattoirs

Fire damaged terminal

The second is from Parker Food Processing who had a modern abattoir using five Camdata/T31 terminals connected to a multi-user UNIX system. 

The terminals ability to withstand high temperatures and a poisonous atmosphere was put to the test when a fire razed the abattoir to the ground.  They withstood intense heat, were covered in burning fat and extinguishing fluid but were still operational.  The stainless steel enclosures had been damaged, but once these had been replaced, the terminals were rebuilt and returned into service.

Breadwinner Foods

A manufacturer of sandwiches for both branded and own-branded distribution built a new factory in west London and commissioned Camdata to manufacture a quantity of rugged touch screen computers for production planning and quality control uses

Breadwinner Foods


Camdata has provided equipment to diaries for many years.  The example above is a custom keyboard design and manufactured for Unigate to replicate a DEC keyboard, for use in the production environment.  This has the novel key nomenclature: “Panic!” 

Both the stainless enclosure and membrane overlay were customised, in addition to the internal firmware which generated multiple key code sequences.


Dairy keyboard

Household and personal care products

Household and personal care products

A manufacturer of soaps and perfumes for both the branded and own-brand markets has been using Camdata terminals for nearly 20 years.  The RS232 devices are panel mounted and used in the batch control process.

Fish processing

Birds Eye Walls has bought Camdata rugged keyboards and housings to protect their own terminals

Birds Eye Walls Rugged Keyboard


Heinz Rugged Keyboards

As part of the production facility in Lancashire, Heinz commissioned Camdata to design and manufacture a large quantity of rugged IP65 stainless steel keyboards interfacing to Compaq PCs.  The physical layout was custom as was the legending.


For the Nestlé group, Camdata produced CRT terminals with a novel mounting arrangement.

Nestle CRT Terminal

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