Engine Test Cells

Camdata supplied custom rack-mount terminals for Froude Consine – the Worcester-based manufacturer of engine test beds. 


Engine Test Cells

Robot welding vision systems

Robot welding vision systems

Camdata designed a 19” wide 4U unit containing both a DEC-compatible RS232 terminal and a composite video monitor.  The former was used to monitor and set up the controller and the latter provided the camera image. 

A camera is mounted on the weld head attached to a robot arm.  The Meta Machines system controlled the robot welding seams on automotive assembly lines, improving weld accuracy and repeatability many times, by controlling both the position of the arm and the electrical weld characteristics.



A supplier to Nissan in Sunderland commissioned Camdata to supply specialised rugged PCs with a membrane keyboard for use on the vehicle assembly line.

Nissan Rugged PC


Rover rugged Terminal

Rover was supplied by Camdata via a supplier with rugged terminals used in engine test cells.

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