Machine tools

Machine tool software supplier

A UK-based software product company asked Camdata to design a terminal with a small LCD screen and a full keyboard for their new DNC (Distributed Numerical Control) product, which interconnects a number of machine tools and gauges on the industrial shop floor with a central system, which provides CAD, CAE and production scheduling. 

RS485 was used to allow long distances in severely noisy electrical environments, with a Camdata MSLC in the central PC.

Terminal with LCD screen

Birmingham-based manufacturer of Machine tools

Rugged membrane keyboard for Mchine Tools Company

As the man machine interface of a revolutionary 6 axis machine tool, this Birmingham-based manufacturer asked Camdata to design a rugged membrane keyboard with integral tracker ball 


A UK-based supplier of software to the sheet metal working industry used Qume terminals on a multi-user UNIX network and asked Camdata to modify a standard membrane QWERTY keyboard to interface to the Qume terminal.  Camdata then manufactured in excess of 500 keyboards for installations throughout the UK.

Qume terminals

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