Theatre lighting control

Strand Lighting, a manufacturer of theatre lighting control systems commissioned Camdata to design and manufacture a custom keypad with an RS422 interface to allow positioning, colour and iris size of over 500 lights with several axes of motion.  This has been used in television studios, theatres and large auditoria.


Theatre Lighting Control

Lectern Presentation System

Lectern Presentation System

Camdata was asked to design and manufacture a lectern system which allowed the display of a speech on a bright VFD display, with page up/down and speed control.  A simple interpretative language was implemented to embed tags within the text.  This is a much simpler and cheaper option compared with using PowerPoint.  Text files created on a PC are downloaded into battery-backed memory on the device.

Museum exhibits

UK Museum

Camdata provided a number of rugged touch screen monitors for an animated display in a UK museum.

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