Camdata wrote several custom software packages to analyse the output from a gas chromatograph for use by laboratories. 

This was usually for the petrochemical industry and commonly involved analysing TAME and MBTE, which are substitutes for lead in petrol


Chrompack refinery


A software supplier to the laboratories within the paper and food production industries commissioned Camdata to modify the design of our RS485 multidrop node to provide a system for interconnecting several instruments (each with associated Two Technologies hand held terminals) to a central PC using a master/slave 2 wire RS485 network.

This was updated in 2006 to provide wired and wireless Ethernet interfaces to use either existing cabling or avoid cabling altogether by using an 802.11b/g wireless system.

PTFE product manufacturer

A UK-based designed and manufacturer of PTFE components asked Camdata to manufacture a batch of instrumentation nodes, collecting data from several micrometers and passing the results to a Quality Control system.


PTFE Products

Michell Instruments

Microscribe 400 Terminals


A Cambridge-based manufacturer of humidity measuring equipment used Microscribe 400 terminals for many years to control the instrumentation

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