London Underground

ATLAS range of rugged terminals

ATLAS range of rugged terminals

In the late 1980s, Camdata provided rugged DEC-compatible terminals, keyboards and printers for use by staff on the London Metropolitan line.  Shortly after the Kings Cross fire, the equipment had to be designed to specific and stringent flammability standards.  This equipment is still in use after 18 years, though the units in the Bakerloo control room have been replaced with more modern LCD variants.

2004 replacement

The 2004 replacement


Heathrow Lighting

The Camdata terminal in use at Heathrow.

The Camdata terminal in use at Heathrow.

A system was introduced by a Nottingham systems supplier in the late 1980s that allows control of the runway lighting at London’s Heathrow airport.  This has two main benefits – lighting on the taxiways can be illuminated only when needed (saving electrical power) and aircraft can be “led” around the airport by switching lights on in front of the aircraft during taxiing. 

In 2003, Camdata started replacing the original CRT based terminals with LCD units.  Form, fit and function compatibility was retained. 


STC commissioned Camdata to design a 4 channel HDLC card with associated UNIX drivers for a signalling system being provided to the Chinese Ministry of Railways.  In addition, several high specification Compaq systems were provided.

Nokia also used this card for test purposes


4 channel HDLC card

Queensland Railways

Callemondah Locomotive in Gladstone , Queensland uses Microscribe terminals for programming diagnostic equipment


Callemondah Locomotive

Traffic lights

Two Technologies TechTerm


Most UK traffic light system manufacturers use the Two Technologies TechTerm for setting up traffic light controllers. 

Camdata supplies some of the OEM manufacturers and many local councils

Motorway CCTV systems

Nottingham-based Jasmin was a Camdata customer for over a decade.  We have designed and manufactured custom keyboards and terminals with joysticks, tracker balls and displays.  Uses of our products include motorway camera networks and airline baggage handling.

Nottingham-based Jasmin

W H Smith News

W H Smith News Scanner

Camdata was commissioned by W H Smith News to provide prototypes of a system to scan magazine returns from newsagents.  This speeds up the process and provides an online connection to the central computer system eliminating errors. 

The unit consist of a laser scanner (similar to those used in supermarkets) with a custom display device and internal embedded PC for connection to the warehouse Ethernet network.

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