Camdata and Welcome, a supplier of computer systems to the hotel industry, jointly designed the WelPad – high specification hospitality pad, with interfaces to a central computer, a till, a customer display, a printer and a handheld barcode reader.  Within the unit, there is a 40 character by 16 line backlit black-on-white LCD, a magnetic card reader and a 256 key membrane keyboard. 

An overlay is fitted by the customer, containing a full list of all drinks and menu items, in addition to a numeric pad and many soft function keys.
Many hundreds of these have been installed in hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs, golf courses and ferries throughout Europe.  In many cases, Camdata

Welcome Hospitality Pad

Stock taking system supplier


Microscribe Stock Taking System


A large provider of independent bar, hotel and restaurant stock-taking systems has used Microscribe 600, 900 and 9000 computers for over 15 years.


A major global airline commissioned Microscribe to design and manufacture a handheld terminal as a till to facilitate on-aircraft duty-free and gift sales.  Important design considerations were low power, low weight, high reliability, magnetic card input, integral document printer and easy ground-based battery charging.


Phone logging

Phone Logging PC device


Camdata was commissioned to design a PC-mounted device to store call logging data from hotel telephone systems.  Call records are transmitted at the end of each call made by a hotel guest and are not stored locally, so if that record is lost, then the hotel will not be able to recoup the cost from the guest.  The Griffin acts acts a battery backed collection system, drawing power from the PC when it is on and storing the data locally if the PC is switched off, or the PC is not capable of receiving data.

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