Airport video distribution system

Camdata designed and manufactured a video and communication system for Jersey airport. 

Airport Video Distribution Systems

Jersey video switcher

This distributes video to both staff and customers, containing flight and weather information

Airport serial data distribution system

Camdata comms products

Camdata provided MSLC communications cards to many UK airports, owned by the British Airport Authority to distribute passenger information. This used long distance RS485 interfacing allowing cabling lengths of up to several kilometres between PC and display.

Air traffic control data input system


Camdata was commissioned to design and manufacture of a large quantity of keypads and communications multiplexers for the West London Air Traffic Control centre. The keypads allow the air traffic controllers to select the image associated with a specific “stack”, where aircraft await permission to land. The multiplexers collect data from 100+ keypads and act as a store-and-forward mechanism for the dual mini-computers controlling the system. The system has multiple levels of redundancy.

BAAATC keypad

The images show the multiplexor and the keypad.

Aerial recognisance computers

For Zeiss Optics, Camdata designed the TT-L computer for the RMK TOP large format aerial recognisance camera.  This was based on the Microscribe 600 computer, running CP/M (the precursor to MSDOS) and in 2007, it is still widely in use throughout the world


Aerial recognisance computers

Airport fog detection terminals

camdata-t40r fog detection terminal

This was based on the Microscribe 600 computer, running CP/M (the precursor to MSDOS) and is still widely in use throughout the world.

Runway Lighting

A system was introduced by a Nottingham systems supplier in the late 1980s that allows control of the runway lighting at London’s Heathrow airport.  This has two main benefits: lighting on the taxiways can be illuminated only when needed (saving electrical power) and aircraft can be “led” around the airport by switching lights on in front of the aircraft during taxiing.  In 2003, Camdata started replacing the original CRT based terminals with LCD units.  Form, fit and function compatibility was retained. 

Runway Lighting

Programming devices for Airbus

MS440 handheld terminal

Camdata provided handheld terminals used by Airbus during wing manufacture.  This is at the Chester factory and is part of the quality control process.

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