Quality Assurance/Quality Control

John Jeffreys Engineering

Camdata designed, commissioned and installed a cotton weighing system for CATGO in Egypt.  This was in collaboration with a UK-manufacturer of specialised ovens.  The system comprised Sartorius weigh scales, Epson HX4 hand-held computers, a custom network interface, Camdata MSLC communications cards, a duplicated central PC and custom software on the HX4s and the PC. 

The system, installed in Alexandria measures the weight of a cotton sample before and after a drying sample, hence calculating the moisture content.  This is then printed on a certificate for use by the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture when exporting the cotton.

Cotton Field

Pipe laying

Camdata manufactured a quantity of rugged stainless steel computers with custom membrane keyboards for use on a pipe-laying vessel. 

The system is connected to welding equipment and a central database.  During continuous welding of pipe, it is crucial that the weld is both of the highest quality and is documented, as it is not possible to raise the pipe from the sea-bed, should a fault/leak occur.

Rugged Computer for pipe laying


Pipe laying vessel

De Beers/Diamond Trading Centre

Camdata was commissioned to design a system to classify raw uncut diamonds, using a weigh scale, a programmable terminal and a label printer.  Several systems were used by the Diamond Trading Centre in Covent Garden, London.


Manufacturers in Glasgow and Knaresborough

Microscribe multi-user UNIX system


Microscribe built a number of systems to be used for labour costing by industrial manufacturers.

These include a custom lockable bracket, a bar code scanner and an interface to a multi-user UNIX system.


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